David Crowder
November 14, 2007, 4:49 am
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Ok…that is awesome.

Comment by Molly Ranae

Stellar contrast.

Comment by Rachel

so, have you started negotiations on how much crowder will have to pay you in order to use this photo in the liner notes of his next album? if not, i’d start now.

oh, and i was going to put this picture on my blog to say that i wished that i had taken it, but then i read your disclaimer and didn’t want to get verbally reprimanded by you for reproducing the image (in any way).

enjoy the last leg of the tour. peace.

Comment by jeff


Comment by anon4him

I had no idea you were a bad ass photographer

Comment by Daley Hake

Thanks man… I knew you were…. thanks for checking it out..

Comment by brodyharper

dang…that is an incredible shot…I think jeff’s right about the cd cover thing…that’s awesome

Comment by evan zig

I saw where you shoot a D40X (i’ve been testing out my dad’s and really like it)…what editing software do you use? I hear a lot of people swearing by CS3 now.

Comment by The Marlers

I use an old version of Photoshop that I got for free about 6 years ago, but I try not to mess with them too much.

Comment by brodyharper

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